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3110, 2017

How Does A Centrifuge Work?

There are many types centrifuges used in different industries. As a solid control equipment manufacturer, and as the main part of the solid control system, decanter centrifuges play an important role in oil and gas [...]

3010, 2017

Instruction of Centrifuge Waste Water Treatment

General Instruction about Centrifuge Waste Water Treatment The separation of centrifuge wastewater treatment is one of the physical treatments of waste water. The centrifuge wastewater treatment mainly uses the centrifugal G force of decanter centrifuge, [...]

2410, 2017

How to Install Decanter Centrifuges?

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge as a solid-controlled system in the fifth-class solid-controlled equipment, mainly for the separation of solid particles with diameter ≥ 2μm suspension phase, and drilling mud and liquid phase treatment. XBSY machinery for everyone [...]

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