Drilling waste management is the main product’s line in WestPetro (XBSY), from 2015, we have put more energy to develop the new type drilling waste management and its related equipment. From this post, we would like to share some necessary information about the core equipment for drilling waste management.

Generally speaking, for a whole drilling waste management unit, there are vertical cutting dryer series, horizontal decanter centrifuge series, drilling mud tank series, centrifugal screw pump and screw conveyor. Of course, this is just a basic one, WestPetro (XBSY) could provide the necessary technical support for Customization Service, which is more complex than the basic one. For there are more items will be used in the whole system, such as vacuum degasser series, mud cleaner, linear motion shale shaker with KS steel shaker screen. Now we will start to introduce the necessary core parts for drilling waste management.

Core Equipment for Drilling Waste Management

From the above content, we could learn that there are some items also used in solid control system; actually they are popularly used solid control equipment / items.

For cutting dryer series, it is the core part for whole drilling waste management; it’s the heart of the whole unit. In WestPetro (XBSY), we could provide two main product series, LL700 and LL915 vertical cutting dryers. They are in same shape, except for the different size. Usually, LL915 cutting dryer is more popularly used in drilling waste management unit.

For decanter centrifuge series, we commonly use VFD decanter centrifuge as the main equipment in the drilling waste management unit. As the professional decanter centrifuge manufacturer, we could provide 5 main different models for your different demands in oil drilling fields. With the high quality guaranteed, WestPetro (XBSY) decanter centrifuge has serviced in overseas oil drilling fields.

For centrifugal screw pump and screw conveyor, they could be regarded as the part of solid control equipment, they are usually used in oil drilling fields. Of course, they are the necessary parts for drilling waste management, for we should use this item to transport the drilling solids into the vertical cutting dryer or decanter centrifuge so that they could dry or separate the solids better. In some situation, we should use shear pump to cut the solids into small sizes and then transported by centrifugal sand pump to the decanter centrifuge, all is just for a better transporting and better separating.

The last one is drilling mud tank. Frankly to say, drilling mud tank is the basic but necessary part, for no matter solid control system, or oil recovery unit (its core part is the one called tricanter centrifuge), all of the equipment must be mounted on the top of the drilling mud tank. Therefore, mud tank is the necessary one for almost all of the systems.

As the professional solid control equipment manufacturer, WestPetro (XBSY) could provide the whole series equipment for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry about the drilling waste management or its related equipment, we will give the fastest response for you.