Shaker screen is a kind of important part for shale shaker, QJ mud cleaner and high frequency vibrating screens (its shaker screen is specially designed and manufactured, and we call it as polyurethane screen). In WestPetro, there are main four types shaker screen, and they are worked in different equipment and played different functions.

1.GS/P Flat-plate Crochet Shaker Screen

GS/P Flat-plate Crochet Shaker Screen is a kind of steel shaker screen mainly used in WestPetro ZS/Z-1 shale shaker and Derrick FLC2000 series. For this type crochet shaker screen, there are seven types different dimensions. With different dimensions, we will use them in different solid control equipment, such as ZS/Z-3, ZS/Z-4 and ZS/Z series shale shaker.

2. KS Steel Frame Screen

KS steel frame shaker screen is a kind of popular used equipment in oil drilling fields. Commonly, we could use this screen in QJ mud cleaner, mud de-sander, mud de-silter and Hi-G shale shaker. Besides for our own products, KS steel frame shaker screen have 5 main dimensions with the same mesh, they could be suitable SWACO MONGOOSE shale shaker, BRABDT BK-50 shale shaker, KEMROEM KTL 48 series and SF300 series shale shaker. While linear motion shale shaker is also the necessary part for solid control system, working with horizontal vacuum degasser and vertical cutting dryer in whole oil drilling fields.

3. GS/B Crochet Wave Screen

This kind shaker screen is less popular than KS steel frame shaker screen in the whole oil drilling marketing; it is mainly used for DERRICK FLC 500 series and DERRICK FLC 2000 series shake shaker. The mesh of GS/B Crochet Wave Screen is from 10 to 325, which could meet your different demands in oil drilling fields.

4. New Item – Polyurethane Screen

Polyurethane screen is the necessary part for high frequency vibrating screens, this kind screen is specially designed and manufactured for mineral industry; in another word, this shaker screen is made for high frequency vibrating screens, which is also called stack sizer in USA. High frequency vibrating screens is the core part for mineral fields, just like 3 phase decanter centrifuge for slurry oil recovery unit, vertical cutting dryer for drilling waste management. High frequency vibrating plays an important role in mining industry, and polyurethane screen is also the main part for this equipment. In WestPetro, this kind screen could provide you as long as 4 months working time.

As the professional shaker screen manufacturer in China, WestPetro could provide full service and technical support for your special demands. Please feel free to let me know if you have any inquiry with our different shaker screens and other related solid control items, your any inquiry will be highly appreciated and fast response.