Project Description

XBSY Drilling Mud Desilter

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The desilter can be widely applied in the triple-process of the drilling fluid and when it is used efficiently, the desilters can effectively clear the solid-phase granules with diameter of more than 30 microns in the drilling fluid. The desilters is one indispensable device for stabilizing and adjusting the drilling fluid technical parameters, suitable for those drillers as ZJ70, ZJ50 and ZJ40. And it can be used together with the sealed circulatory system of the drilling fluid.




Details data:

Type and quantity of the cyclon mixer: DN100 x 12/ DN125 x10

Work pressure: 0.15-0.3 Mpa

Capacity: 150-220 m3/h

Screen type: 50-200 meshes

Motor power: 0.4 KW