Project Description

XBSY Vertical Vacuum Degasser

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ZLCQ Vertical Degasser is a new degasser mainly used to remove gas from slurry t ensures appropriate weight when drilling down and prevent blowout. It also can be used as big power mud agitator when the slurry as no gas.


l Small Area: the gas removal and slurry discharge has vertical structure.

l High efficiency of gas removal: Use unique impeller of vacuum pump and separation structure.

l Big Capacity: Use pumps type impeller to discharge.

l Low energy consumption: Use small power motor.

Technical Parameter

Type ZLCQ/240
Capacity(m3/h 240
Degasser Amount 35
Degasser Efficiency >85
Motor Speed (rpm) 18.5
Motor Speed (rpm) 1450
Discharge Port Path (mm) 150
Liquid Length (m) 1.5
Dimension: L*W*H (mm) 1282*1000*3090
Weight (kg) 1580