Main Equipment for OBM

WestPetro (XBSY) oil based mud system is mainly used for oil removal on the oil based mud. Generally speaking, drilling mud out come from the solids control system shall enter shale shakers first. Drilling cuttings are collected and transferred by the screw conveyor to the cutting dryer while the liquids go to the decanter centrifuge for further separation with separated solids enter the cutting dryer again.

The key equipment of this unit is: VFD decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. The two equipment work together can remove most of the oil inside the cuttings. In this post, we will share more information about the core equipment for the whole oil based mud system.

Part 1:

Cutting dryer goes first. Cutting dryer is the new items for WestPetro (XBSY) used mainly in drilling waste management and oil based mud system. We have designed and developed two different models; they are LL915 vertical cutting dryer with VFD and LL700 vertical cutting dryer in small size. With the development of society and the growth of mind of protecting the environment, more and more oil drilling service companies have a strong requirement for this equipment, for they need this item to dry the drilling solids to prevent the drilling environment pollution.

Part 2:

VFD decanter centrifuge is the necessary equipment for the whole oil based mud system and solid control system. With over 15 year’s development, WestPetro (XBSY) has developed about 6 models decanter centrifuge series. They are RFD decanter centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge, tricanter centrifuge for slurry oil recovery unit, DISC centrifuge, and so on. Different models centrifuges could be used to reach your different demands. One more thing, high quality guaranteed will be let your feel free and confidence to choose us.

Part 3:

Some other necessary equipment will be also used in oil based mud system. Commonly speaking, there are vacuum degasser for separating the drilling gas, linear motion shale shaker will be used to shaker the drilling solids with the help of KS steel frame shaker screen; QJ mud cleaner is the necessary equipment for us to separate the drilling sand and drilling mud from the drilling solids. Besides these necessary equipment, there are some small size items, such as centrifugal sand pump, centrifugal shear pump to cut the big size drilling solids; in some special situation, such as in mineral fields, we should use high frequency vibrating screens to meet the demands of the separating work. Frankly speaking, high frequency vibrating screen is also the necessary part for WestPetro (XBSY) new system product line from 2015.

As the main part of System / Unit Product Line in WestPetro (XBSY), oil based mud system has won a popular appreciate from our overseas partners and end users. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments about this system, we will give you the fastest response.