20 10, 2017

How to Maintenance Decanter Centrifuges?

Decanter Centrifuges’ Trouble Shooting: How to Maintenance Decanter Centrifuges ? Generally speaking, there are two situations for us to start the work to maintenance decanter centrifuge ( suitable for both general centrifuges and the 3 phase decanter centrifuges): After the decanter centrifuges work for a long time, and before starting the decanter centrifuges which did [...]

19 10, 2017

What’re the 3 Phase Decanter Working Principles

The three-phase centrifuge is a mechanical device that uses centrifugal forces to separate solids and liquids, liquids, and liquids. We also called this equipment as Tricanter, Tricanter Centrifuge and 3 phase decanter. It is an important product line in WestPetro's decanter centrifuges series. XBSY HBLW Environmental 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge What're the 3 [...]

18 10, 2017

The Working Principles of Decanter Centrifuge

The Working Principles of Decanter Centrifuge  Decanter centrifuge is a spiral discharge centrifuge. Mainly by the high-speed drum and drum turn the same speed and slightly lower than the drum with a hollow shaft of the screw conveyor and differential components and other components. When the suspension is to be separated by the hollow shaft [...]

9 10, 2017

What’s the Right Centrifugal Pump for OBM?

OBM, it is the short from Oil Based Mud Solids, it is the popular medium in oil drilling fields. In the international business development, we met some partners asked such a question: which is the right centrifugal pump for OBM? Is it centrifugal sand pump? Is it centrifugal shear pump? Is it centrifugal screw pump [...]

29 09, 2017

Main Equipment for Oil Based Mud System

Main Equipment for OBM WestPetro (XBSY) oil based mud system is mainly used for oil removal on the oil based mud. Generally speaking, drilling mud out come from the solids control system shall enter shale shakers first. Drilling cuttings are collected and transferred by the screw conveyor to the cutting dryer while the liquids go [...]

28 09, 2017

Core Equipment for Drilling Waste Management

Drilling waste management is the main product’s line in WestPetro (XBSY), from 2015, we have put more energy to develop the new type drilling waste management and its related equipment. From this post, we would like to share some necessary information about the core equipment for drilling waste management. Generally speaking, for a whole drilling [...]

27 09, 2017

Different Shaker Screens’ Different Function

Shaker screen is a kind of important part for shale shaker, QJ mud cleaner and high frequency vibrating screens (its shaker screen is specially designed and manufactured, and we call it as polyurethane screen). In WestPetro, there are main four types shaker screen, and they are worked in different equipment and played different functions. 1.GS/P [...]

23 09, 2017

What’s the Working Sense of Centrifugal Shear Pump

As the professional manufacturer of solid control equipment, WestPetro has started from centrifugal sand pump in 16 years ago and now we have developed our business marketing over the world. In this period, we have developed items successfully contains horizontal & vertical vacuum degasser for separating the drilling gas; QJ mud cleaner to separate the [...]

23 09, 2017

How to Match the Right Shaker Screen for Shale Shaker

In our oil drilling fields’ work, shale shaker plays an important role in separating the drilling solids. While in the whole drilling work, there is an important part for this item, we call it as Shaker Screen. Shaker screen has been popularly used in QJ mud cleaner and shale shaker series. There is another question, [...]

23 09, 2017

How to Choose Centrifugal Pump Capacity?

How to Choose Centrifugal Pump Capacity for Meeting Drilling Demands As the professional centrifugal pump manufacturer, WestPetro could provide you the centrifugal sand pump; centrifugal vertical pump series and centrifugal screw pump series for matching your different demands. While among the different models centrifugal pumps, how to choose the right or reasonable centrifugal pump capacity [...]

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