What’s Beverage & Food Centrifuge?


Corn, cassava, rice and wheat are the most widely used raw materials in the food fermentation industry. Due to the high efficiency, stability and environmental protection of centrifuge dewatering, the use of centrifuge dewatering technology in the food fermentation industry provides protection for efficient dehydration and energy conservation of subsequent processes.?XBSY (WestPetro) Beverage & Food centrifuges are considered to be an effective solution for multiple applications in Beverage & Food industry.

The Beverage & Food industry centrifuges widely used in many fields, XBSY factory designs 2 or 3 phase VFD type centrifuges specially used to extract and separate fish, ethanol, palm oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, tea, VCO, fruit juice, avocado oil, protein, plant milk, vegetable milk, vegetable juice.

Also most of centrifuges are usually used for vegetable oil process, protein process, starch process, tea process, soybean process, palm oil recovery, palm oil water separation, palm oil separation, olive oil recovery, olive oil separation, olive oil water separation, plant oil separation, plant oil recovery, vegetable oil recovery, vegetable oil separation, VCO recovery, VCO separation, virgin coconut oil separation, virgin coconut oil recovery ,avocado oil recovery, avocado oil separation, protein separation, protein water separation, starch separation, plant milk recovery, vegetable milk recovery ,vegetable milk separation, plant milk separation, soy milk separation, soy milk recovery, coconut milk recovery, coconut milk separation, grain milk separation, grain milk recovery, rice milk recovery , rice milk separation, tea extract separation, bacteria-removing separation, fruit juice separation ,vegetable juice separation.

Centrifuges Range for Food & Beverage Industry

There are many types of centrifuges have been designed and developed successfully by XBSY (West-Petro), and they all have been worked in Beverage and Food fields as following: such as palm oil centrifuge, olive oil centrifuge, plant oil centrifuge, ethanol centrifuge, beer centrifuge , alcohol centrifuge, fish separation centrifuge, red wine centrifuge , grape wine centrifuge, DDGS separation centrifuge, vegetable oil centrifuge, VCO centrifuge, avocado oil centrifuge, protein centrifuge, starch centrifuge, plant milk centrifuge, virgin coconut oil centrifuge, soy milk centrifuge, coconut milk centrifuge, grain milk centrifuge , rice milk centrifuge , coffee centrifuge , instant coffee centrifuge, coffee clarification centrifuge, tea centrifuge, tea extract centrifuge, fruit juice centrifuge, bacteria-removing centrifuge, vegetable juice centrifuge.

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