XBSY Decanter Centrifuges

As the original manufacturer of decanter centrifuge, XBSY / West Petro has designed and produced 4 main decanters over 10 models. The 4 Main decanters are RFD decanter centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge, HBLW 3-phase decanter centrifuge and Hydraulic decanter centrifuge.

Among these four different decanter centrifuge, there are LW350*1257-N, Rate freq. LW520×1320-N, Rate freq. LW520 × 1924-N, Variable freq. LW520×1320BP-N / Variable freq. LW520×1924BP-N, LW450 decanter centrifuge, LW630 decanter centrifuge, etc. You can find more details information about different decanter centrifuges with the following products description, or please contact XBSY directy by email: sale@westernpetro.net or go to Contact Us Page for full information.

LW250 Industry Decanter Centrifuge

LW350 High Speed Decanter Centrifuge

LW430 Three Phase Decanter

LW450 2/3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge

LW520 Series VFD Decanter Centrifuge

FHD Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge

RFD Decanter Centrifuge

VFD Decanter Centrifuge