Project Description

XBSY QJ Mud Cleaner

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General Description for Drillingmud cleaner

1. QJ serial drilling fluid de-sanding and de-silting integrated?mud cleaner; it is consisted of shale shaker and de-sander or de-silter, which is used for separating the solid-phase granules in the drilling fluid after treated by the vibrating screen.

2. The mud cleanercan integrate a group of de-sanding cyclones and de-silting cyclones on one vibrating screen. The drilling fluid will firstly pass the de-sanding cyclones or de-silting cyclones for separation, with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the vibrating screen. If necessary, the vibrating screen of the integrator could be used as the fore-stage vibrating screen.

3. The cyclone is made of wearing-resistant special polyurethane material, which has good performance in fluid erosion resistance. The feeding port is designed to have a round and smooth transition, beneficial for improved separation efficiency. It is smooth in structure and rational in design.

4. The?de-silter?is distributed in a round pattern, making the cyclones bear uniformed pressure and flow.

5. Different quantities of de-sanding cyclones and de-silting cyclones can be supplied according to the customers’ requirements.


Diameter of the de-sander

250 or 300 mm

Quantity of the de-sander

2 or 3

Diameter of the de-silter

100 or 125 mm

Quantity of the de-silter

12,16 or 20


3000 – 3100 kg


(Length)3065 x (width)1920 x (height)2670 mm