Project Description

XBSY Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge

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The LWY Series FHD Decanter Centrifuge is brand new solid control equipment in WestPetro (XBSY). The Hydraulic Decanter Centrifugal consisted with imported hydraulic pump and motor, which are adopted to achieve variable speed, big conveying torque and reliability speed. At the same time, the hydraulic differential speed conveying torque can be adjusted automatically according to the actual working condition

Our HFD Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge has switch of pressure, vibration, and temperature, which can monitor start and stop feed pump automatically.

At the same time, the HFD Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge system could adjust pressure according to load and can treat mud with different character. The hydraulic centrifuge overcomes the disadvantages of the conventional driving mode, improves separation speed scope, separation precision and adjustment to character change.


  • Big adjusted range of differential speed.
  • Low weight, high torque.
  • Strong adaptability and automatically control.
  • High pressure overloads protection.
  • Big oil outlet size and flow path.
  • High explosive pressure.
  • Perfect seal material.
  • Long service life: The imported hydraulic decanter centrifuge control system can serve more than 10 years. The screw conveyor is plastered hard alloy to have perfect wear resistance.

Technical Specifications

Model LWY355x1257
Motor power 37Kw
Oil Box >180L
Speed of bowl 0-4000rpm;
Max G force 3180
Bowl diameter 14″
Bowl length is 1257mm
Power 380V/50Hz or 460V/60Hz.
Feed pump (progressive cavity pump) 7.5Kw, Model is XG070B01JF;
Max pressure of system 21MPa
Max pressure of screw 14.5Mpa
Discharge pressure 16Mpa
Max boost pressure 3Mpa
Dimension 3100X1620X2055mm
Weight 4000Kg