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XBSY LL915 Vertical Cutting Dryer

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Description for vertical cutting dryer

This brand new LL915?Vertical Cutting Dryer?is the newest drilling waste equipment. It is designed and manufactured by Solvedrilling independently. This newly designed and manufactured LL915 Vertical Screw discharging centrifuge (also known as “cutting dryer”). It’s mainly used in oil sector, and especially re-dehydrates those drilling cuttings from shale shaker in solids control system. Solvedrilling’s brand new LL915 Vertical Cutting Dryer is also used in recovery of valuable drilling fluid and decreasing moisture content of drilling cuttings in order to lower the cost of drilling cuttings harmless disposal.


1. The annular drain groove of the?Cutting Dryer?is installed at an oblique angle at 4°and the drain port is in the bottom of the groove. A vent is designed above the drain port. It’s helpful to discharge the viscous liquid when open the vent.

2. Wear-resistant material is adapted to those parts where may hit by the speeding solids come from the centrifuge. By doing this, we effectively prolong service life of relevant components.

3. Viewing port is designed for check the screen and helix scraper.

4. Mechanical overload protection device would stop the vertical cutting dryer motor running whenever the torque is larger than rated.

5. 3k planetary differential makes the belt drive structure more compact.

6. Diluted oil concentrated lubrication system allow the lubricant enter from the center of differential input shaft. With flowing of lube, the differential and the spiral bearing are lubricated. Lube be gathered in accumulator tray after main shaft be lubricated. Then lube would return to lubrication system through the pipe due to its gravity.

7. When the cutting dryer is running, if oil train be block, the flow valve transmits emergency signal which would stop the oil pump motor and main motor immediately. All these designs are to protect differential components, spiral shaft and main shaft from damage due to poor lubrication.

8. Newly designed and unique structure of sludge discharge pipe and sludge collector makes sure the vertical centrifuge dropping and no jam.

9. A frame base is installed under the main motor. The two parts are connected by eight shock absorbers through which can isolate the main motor from vibration effectively.


Model Number Solvedrilling LL915 Cutting Dryer
Speed (r/min) 910
Screen Half Cone Angle ( °) 15°
G-force 424
Inner diameter(mm) 915
Screw differential speed(r/min) 13
Screen gap(mm) 0.3、0.4、0.5
Motor power(kw) 55
Max. Capacity(t/h) 60
Fluid in the cuttings(%) 3-8