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XBSY LW350 Oilfield VFD Decanter Centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge could be as a heart for whole solid control equipment, the importance could not be ignored. WestPetro / XBSY drilling decanter centrifuge, as the core product in the whole products line, plays an important role. At the same time, with high quality and good public’s praise, it wins a popular pride in customers.

XBSY LW350 decanter centrifuge

WestPetro / XBSY VFD oilfield decanter centrifuge consisted with HFD hydraulic decanter centrifuge,VFD decanter centrifuge?and related frequency centrifuge. Three different kinds of centrifuges will meet different oil or gas drilling work. High efficiency and high quality will ensure you a long –work-time. Otherwise, WestPetro / XBSY will offer you one year warranty, for any problems the decanter centrifuge occurs, Solvedrilling will offer service support. So please choose WestPetro / XBSY decanter centrifuge with confidence.


Technical advance: The variable frequency high speed centrifuge has earned the award of key scientific and technological project of Sichuan Province in 2003. The advanced quality and technology have kept ahead of international level.

Easy operation: The rated frequency centrifuge is easy to install and operation. It has constant speed of bowl and different speed which makes installation and maintained easier.

Reliable quality: All the key components are made of stainless steel, the welding lines of rotation part are inspected and heat treated. The helix vanes are made through bead welding, spray welding and modules to ensure the resistance to wearing and erosion. Every centrifuge must be tested before delivery according to national standard.

Technical features: Equipped with rated frequency control cabinet and overload protection device this is newly design. It only takes 2 minutes to reset gearbox protection device.

Related frequency control cabinet: It has two types, soft start and star Detta start, the customers can choose one to meet their requirements.


Model and Type LW350
Inner Diameter of Bowl(mm) 355
Active Length of Bowl(mm) 1257
Max Rotation Speed of Bowl(r/min) 3400
Active Speed of Bowl(r/min) 2800 3000
G-force 1558 1798
Differential Speed of Conveyor(r/min) 40 45
Max Capacity(m3/h)(Mud Proportion < 1.1g/cm3) 40
Main Motor Rated power(kw) 30
Rated speed(r/min) 1470
Auxiliary Motor Rated power(kw) 7.5
Rated speed(r/min) 970