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XBSY RFD Decanter Centrifuge

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LW series RFD decanter centrifuge?is one of our hot-sale products, which can be used to separate particles in drilling mud. Decanter centrifuge with high speed can be used to separate more efficiently. The working principle of decanter centrifuge is similar with the centrifugal action. First of all, the suspending fluids will be pushed into the rotor drum via the inlet pipe and the spiral feeder fluid hole. Second, the centrifugal force will pull the solid phase particles into the internal wall of the drum. Third, there are two ends of the drum, one of which is small end and another of which is large end. The solid phase particles will be pushed to the small end while the large end is used to excrete fluid. With the cycle, you can achieve continuous separation.

Features of XBSY LW355 RFD Decanter Centrifuge:

1. Designed with high speed. The max speed can reach to 3400RPM

2. Made of selected material. The main body and main parts of the decanter centrifuge are made of selected stainless steel material. So, our centrifuge can resist rust or erosion.

3. Stainless steel with the tungsten carbide alloy protection can ensure a longer service life of the centrifuge

4. High quality and competitive price

5. Fast delivery and good package


Technical spec. Unit Rate freq.
LW520×1320-N /
Rate freq.
Variable freq.
LW520×1320BP-N /
Variable freq.
N1 N2 N3
Inner diameter of bowl mm 520
Active length of bowl mm 1320/1924
Max. rotation speed of bowl r/min 2800
Active rotation of bowl r/min 2300 2500 2700 1200 – 2800(ajustable)
G-force 1537 1817 2119 ≤2119
Differential speed of conveyor r/min 15-25 10 – 30(ajustable)
Max. throughput (SG<1.1) m3/h 50-60 55-65 60-70(ajustable)
Main motor Model YB250M-4 YB250M-4/YB280S-4
Rated power kW 55 55/75
Rated speed r/min 1470 1480
Accessorial motor Model YB160L-6
Rated power kW 11
Rated speed r/min 970
Feed pump model Centrifugal pump LSB23J, SB23J
Dimension length mm 2300 / 3800
width 1708
height 1760
Weight including the feed pump kg 4000(4600 for variable freq.) 5200(5800 for variable freq.) /