Project Description

XBSY ZS Z-1 Shale Shaker

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Solids could be separated from liquids by making use of a vibrating basket of shale shaker; the basket is equipped with specifically sized shaker screen. Shakers are regarded as the most significant device to remove drilled solids. These get rid of the vast majority of drilled solids created throughout the process of drilling. They commonly produce 5 -8 g-forces to separate solids from the mud.

After the gas/mud separator and before other equipment for solid removal are positioned shakers. Rigs might utilize any shale shakers according to particular parameters of the well drilling. Typically, a number of shakers are used for regular drilling work.

WESTPETRO produces a number of shale shakers. And every shaker aims at a particular market. We situate our plants in Sichuan, china. These shakers are utilized on rigs varying from small ones to large offshore platform. Shale shakers are one of solids manages and wastes treatment offerings that WESTPETRO offers to industry of oil/gas. The QMS is ISO 9001-2008 certified.


Technical performance

Screen specification: Edge-lining screen 3-1053 x 697 mm

Excitation engine: 2-1.865 KW

Vibration amplitude: > 5.5 mm

Vibration intensity: > 6.5 g

Explosion-proof marker: ExdIIBT4

Protection grade: IP55

Dimensions: Length 2945 * width 1920 * height 1680 mm

Weight: 1850 kg