There are many types centrifuges used in different industries. As a solid control equipment manufacturer, and as the main part of the solid control system, decanter centrifuges play an important role in oil and gas drilling fields. Based on this topic, we XBSY provide some necessary tips about how does a centrifuge work.

Before we talk about how does a centrifuge work, we should learn about the centrifugal principles of centrifuge.

When the suspension containing fine particles remains stationary, the suspended particles gradually sink due to the action of the gravitational field. The heavier the particles, the faster the sink, the smaller the density than the liquid particles will float. The velocity of the particles moving under the gravitational field is related to the size, shape and density of the particles, and is related to the strength of the gravity field and the viscosity of the liquid. Like the size of red blood cells, the diameter of a few microns, you can observe the normal gravity of their settlement process.

How does a centrifuge work?

In addition, the material in the medium is accompanied by a diffusion phenomenon. Diffusion is unconditional absolute. Diffusion is inversely proportional to the quality of matter, and the smaller the particle, the more diffuse. While the settlement is relative, conditional, to be external force to exercise. The sedimentation is proportional to the weight of the object, and the larger the settling of the particles.

For particles smaller than a few microns such as viruses or proteins, they are colloidal or semi-colloidal in solution, and it is impossible to observe the sedimentation process using gravity alone. Because the smaller the sediment the slower the particles, the more serious the proliferation of the phenomenon. So we need decanter centrifuge to produce a strong Centrifuge G Force in order to force these particles to overcome the proliferation of sedimentation movement.


Decanter centrifuge is the one that uses centrifugal rotor with high-speed rotation of the strong centrifugal G force to speed up the settling of particles in the liquid velocity, the sample of different sedimentation coefficient and the density of the material density separation.


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