Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge as a solid-controlled system in the fifth-class solid-controlled equipment, mainly for the separation of solid particles with diameter ≥ 2μm suspension phase, and drilling mud and liquid phase treatment. XBSY machinery for everyone to explain the drilling fluid decanter centrifuge installation steps.



How do the drilling fluid decanter centrifuge work?

The drilling fluid decanter centrifuge uses the centrifugal force of the high-speed rotation generated by the motor rotor to accelerate the settling velocity of the solid particles in the liquid phase, and separate the solid particles with different settlement coefficients and buoyancy density. Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge’s slag work is done by the propeller, under the action of the differential, the propeller and the drum to form a certain speed difference has been settled on the inner wall of the cylinder solid particles were scraped from the cylinder wall down, by the spiral blade to the small end of the drum, and in the process of dehydration, and finally reached the sand nozzle, was thrown out of the drum, the completion of the mud solid phase of the four treatment.

What’re the steps for installing the drilling fluid decanter centrifuge?

1. the drilling fluid centrifuge should be installed firmly in the drilling pump inlet position to ensure that the recovery of the liquid phase can be fully stirred.

2. drilling fluid centrifuge should ensure that the fixed firmly, the four legs of the bracket should be fixed in the support beam cans position.

3. drilling fluid centrifuge installation should ensure that the sand tank can be out of the tank to facilitate the sand, and in the sand tank connected to the water supply line, to ensure smooth sand.

4. drilling fluid pump should be installed in the desander, in addition to the appropriate place after the mud, the supply pipe and the inlet pipe connection is good.

5. then take the liquid pipe and the box on the flushing water supply pipe and shunt.

6. turn on the power. Drilling fluid centrifuge control box to the power supply should be between the switch control to ensure the safety of maintenance.

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