Decanter Centrifuges’ Trouble Shooting: How to Maintenance Decanter Centrifuges ?

Generally speaking, there are two situations for us to start the work to maintenance decanter centrifuge ( suitable for both general centrifuges and the 3 phase decanter centrifuges): After the decanter centrifuges work for a long time, and before starting the decanter centrifuges which did not work for a time. With the following content, it could be as the principles of decanter centrifuges’ trouble shooting for your reference. main bearing refueling, You must open the main bearing below the putter oil bolts, the amount of grease for the grease so far, the screw feeder with a grease gun pressure can be 10 times.

Here comes with 20 pieces tips about when the decanter centrifuges should be maintained and how to maintenance different decanters.

1. After a long time to stop the first start before the centrifuge, should be required to rinse the centrifuge, otherwise it will cause severe vibration.

2. When the main drive motor speed reaches 80 ~ 90%, the drum must start to rotate, or must immediately stop, check the coupling oil level is correct, the drum with or without jamming phenomenon.

3. When the coupling is running continuously, the working oil temperature shall not exceed 90 ° C.

4. The melting temperature of the coupler fusible plug is 125 ℃. When the temperature of the centrifuge is over 125 ℃, the fusible plug will melt and the oil in the coupler will discharge to protect it. Easy to melt after melting, should be replaced by the original specifications of the product, must not be replaced by bolts easy to plug.

5. After each use, the inner wall of the drum should be flushed with water according to the regulations of the shutdown procedure. When you want to open the lid, please note that when cleaning the bottom nozzle on the small end of the drum, the finger cannot reach the hole because the drum stops after the rotation, the screw conveyor may still rotate; fingers can be cut into the cut!

6. The drilling fluid flow shall not exceed the design of the centrifuge processing capacity, or easy to cause overload, so that the safety pin cut or clutch slip.

7. When the centrifuge inlet drilling fluid viscosity of more than 38 seconds, the centrifugal separation effect will be worse, then you can add the appropriate amount of water in the inlet dilution, so that the drilling fluid funnel viscosity down to 35 seconds.

8. The operator should check the ground, see the two sides of the bearing temperature, differential temperature and sand discharge situation, if the sand is a dilute mud, can automatically continuous flow, when the centrifuge separation effect is good, the load is also Light, which for the extension of the service life of the centrifuge is very favorable, when the sand was a large mass of intermittent discharge, and dry, that is to say, drilling fluid sand content is too large, then the centrifuge load heavier, should be Appropriate diversion. Otherwise, it will cause the host overload shutdown or the main bearing and differential temperature rise, which is the same for horizontal vacuum degassers. Similarly, when the main bearing or differential temperature is found (the main bearing over 70 ℃, the differential over 50 ℃), also said that the drilling fluid sand content is too large, should be appropriate diversion.

9. When using the centrifuge below zero in winter, shut down the big end of the drum after the shutdown of the cylinder, thoroughly put the liquid inside the drum, put water immediately re-tighten the drain bolts, so as not to affect the next use.

10. In the course of operation is not allowed to open the drum guard and belt guard, for example, after the shutdown must be re-fixed firmly.

11. When opening the drum cover for maintenance or repair, care must be taken to protect the nozzle at the small end of the drum, since the nozzle is made of hard alloy material, hard and brittle, absolutely not pry, smash the nozzle, nor allow the auxiliary machine to rotate When the stick or fingers into the nozzle, because the drum when the stop, but the propeller is still rotating, into the stick will squeeze the nozzle, into the fingers will be cut off!

12. If the safety pin is cut, it must be replaced with the same diameter pin with material Q235. After the centrifuge has been used, it must be flushed and stopped in the order specified in the operating procedures; otherwise the drum and propeller of the centrifuge will be stuck.

13. It is necessary to ensure that the solid phase discharged from the drainage tank can be discharged out of the tank because the amount of sand is very large. Generally speaking, the solids are usually transported by feeding pumps, such as screw pump, sand pump, etc.; If the solid phase is accumulated in the sand tank, the drum block will soon be blocked.

14. Note the rigidity of the tank surface where the centrifuge is installed and prevent resonance.

15. After each move to re-install, should check the main and auxiliary motor rotation direction and arrow pointing in the same direction, the motor does not turn, the centrifuge does not sand.

16. Handling when installing the centrifuge, care should be taken to protect the inlet tube because the pipe is worn when it is crashed and the drum is worn.

17. Centrifuge drums on the large side of the box with six and a half months, for the removal of the attention to the order back to the original, not free to swap, so as not to damage the drum dynamic balance accuracy, causing the centrifuge vibration.

18. Bearing lubrication: Centrifuge a total of four lubrication points, two main bearings and spiral pusher of the two support bearings, with 2 # lithium grease, each operation 100 hours plus an oil, the main bearing refueling, You must open the main bearing below the putter oil bolts, the amount of grease for the grease so far, the screw feeder with a grease gun pressure can be 10 times.

19. Differential lubrication: differential in the winter selection of N22 hyperbolic gear oil, summer selection of N28 hyperbolic gear oil. The new differential is running for 150 hours, when the new oil must be renewed, before filling the new oil should be used to clean the tank cavity with diesel. After every 500 hours of operation should be replaced by the above method of new oil, refueling application of 100 mesh filter. 150 hours to clean the magnetic plug on the adsorption of iron or debris. Each time the fuel inspection method is: after refueling to the oil hole to the level of 45 degrees or so, the oil has just spilled, and then the oil has been sufficient.

20. Hydraulic couplet oil: hydraulic couplet generally adds 20 # or 30 # turbine oil, fuel up to 80% of the volume cannot, at least not less than 60%. The new oil must be replaced every 5,000 hours of operation.

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