General Instruction about Centrifuge Waste Water Treatment

The separation of centrifuge wastewater treatment is one of the physical treatments of waste water. The centrifuge wastewater treatment mainly uses the centrifugal G force of decanter centrifuge, which is formed by high speed rotation of a container containing waste water.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of centrifuge (while for XBSY, there are four more types of decanter centrifuges), they are water spin separator and decanter centrifuge . During the separation process, the mass of the suspended particles is separated from the waste water by the separation of the centrifugal force and the distribution of the suspended particles through the different liquid discharge ports.

RFD Decanter Centrifuge

RFD Decanter Centrifuge

Types of Centrifuge / Types of Centrifuge Wastewater Treatment

There are many types of centrifuge, as well as many ways to separate the decanter centrifuge. Commonly, there are constant speed centrifuge, which is mainly used for the separation of the general suspension and sludge dewatering; high-speed centrifuge (Kc> 3000), the main use of the centrifuge (Kc> 3000), the main use of centrifugal factors, In the fine granular centrifuge; ultra-centrifuge (Kc> 12000), mainly used for the separation of fine particles of emulsions, oil.

Main Parts of Decanter Centrifugal & Its?Main Function

The main spare part of the decanter centrifuge (or centrifuge waste water treatment) is a high-speed rotating drum. Drum mounted on a vertical or horizontal axis, driven by the motor rotation, but also to drive the liquid to be rotated together.

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