XBSY Launches Its First Plugging and Sealing Equipment

Date: 2023-05-30

XBSY has officially launched its first plug and seal system, specifically designed for slurry preparation and transportation. Read more >>

XBSY Delivers a Three-Deck Shale Shaker on Schedule

Date: 2023-05-16

Recently, XBSY delivered a three-deck shale shaker to a client in Gansu province. This equipment will be used for separating solid particles from drilling fluids. Read more >>

XBSY Delivers Batch of VFD Centrifuges to Xinjiang

Date: 2023-04-17

Recently, XBSY provided a batch of variable frequency centrifuges to a client in Xinjiang. This equipment will help the client reduce production costs and enhance project efficiency. Read more >>

XBSY Delivers Batch of Solids Control Equipment to Chongqing on Schedule

Date: 2023-04-11

XBSY delivered a batch of centrifuge equipment for drilling fluid treatment to a client in Chongqing on schedule. Read more >>

XBSY delivers Solids Control Systems to COSL on Schedule

Date: 2023-04-04

Recently, XBSY delivered on schedule a batch of eco-friendly solids control systems customized for COSL. Read more >>

XBSY delivered Shale Shakers to Tianjin on Schedule

Date: 2023-03-29

Recently, XBSY shipped a batch of four-panel elliptical drilling fluid shale shakers to a customer in Tianjin as scheduled. Read more >>

XBSY Delivered Oilfield Centrifuges to Inner Mongolia

Date: 2023-03-23

Recently, our company successfully delivered a batch of drilling fluid centrifuges on time. Read more >>

XBSY Delivers Shale Shakers on Time to Xinjiang

Date: 2023-03-08

XBSY ships efficient drilling fluid shale shakers to Xinjiang on schedule after rigorous testing. Read more >>

XBSY Releases New Generation Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker

Date: 2023-02-21

XBSY's new five-frame elliptical duplex shale shakers enhance screening efficiency and lower project expenses for customers. Read more >>

Technological Innovation Promoting Development

Date: 2023-01-10

XBSY insist on continuous innovation to help the high-quality development of oilfield solids control equipment. Read more >>

The COSL Project Successfully Operated

Date: 2022-12-28

The COSL project undertaken by XBSY was successfully conducted in the eastern oilfield of the South China Sea. Read more >>

ZK Invited to the 2022 ASIA WATER Exhibition in Malaysia

Date: 2022-12-13

XBSY sub-brand - ZK was invited to participate in the ASIA WATER exhibition in Malaysia from Dec. 7th to 9th, 2022. Read more >>

XBSY Solids Control Applied to the Project in Africa

Date: 2022-12-08

XBSY delivered a batch of customized solids control equipment for a drilling company's project in Uganda on schedule. Read more >>

XBSY’s Sub-brand - ZK 3 Phase Centrifuge Wins Outstanding Product Award

Date: 2022-11-22

XBSY's sub-brand, ZK three-phase centrifuge LWS650 for food waste oil extraction, at the 24th China Environmental Expo and won the Outstanding Product Award. Read more >>

XBSY's Shale Shaker for Sinopec was Shipped On Schedule

Date: 2022-11-15

Recently, a batch of double-track triple shale shakers supplied by XBSY for the Sinopec project was shipped on schedule. Read more >>

XBSY's Solids Control for COSL Shipped on Schedule

Date: 2022-11-09

Recently, our company delivered a batch of customized solids control and environmental protection equipment for the COSL Uganda project on schedule.Read more >>

XBSY VFD Decanter Shipped to CNPC Drilling Project

Date: 2022-11-01

Recently, XBSY delivered a batch of oilfield centrifuges to CNPC Western Drilling Project on schedule. Read more >>

XBSY's New Vacuum Shale Shaker Was Granted 7 Patents

Date: 2022-10-18

XBSY's latest vacuum shale shaker has passed the evaluation of 7 experts and professors from Southwest Petroleum University and Sichuan University and has been granted 7 patents. Read more >>

COSL Project Equipment Delivered on Schedule

Date: 2022-10-11

XBSY delivered a batch of VFD intelligent frequency conversion high-speed centrifuge for the COSL project. Read more >>

COSL Project Equipment Passed Acceptance

Date: 2022-09-27

XBSY's 34 sets of centrifuges have successfully passed the third-party certification and customer's on-site acceptance, and have been shipped as scheduled recently. Read more >>

The Desander and Desilter of Sichuan Project Delivered on Schedule

Date: 2022-09-07

Recently, XBSY delivered a batch of desanders and desilters to a customer in Sichuan on schedule. Read more >>

Shaanxi Project Solid Control Equipment Delivered On Schedule

Date: 2022-08-31

The solid control products such as the centrifugal pump, jet vacuum degasser, and jet device were delivered to Shaanxi on schedule. Read more >>

Product Launch | XBSY New Generation of Shale Shaker

Date: 2022-07-20

XBSY products are trusted and recognized by customers, and this new product is a new masterpiece of the company's transformation and upgrading through integration and optimization of its resources. Read more >>

XBSY Daqing Oilfield Project Decanter Centrifuges Shipped on Schedule

Date: 2022-06-21

XBSY recently supplied 4 shale shakers and 1 drilling fluid treatment centrifuge to Daqing oilfield. Read more >>

XBSY's Shale Shaker and Oilfield Centrifuge Shipped On Schedule

Date: 2022-05-16

XBSY shipped a batch of shale shakers and oilfield decanter ordered by a customer on schedule. Read more >>

XBSY Shipped a Triple Connection Shale Shaker for an Oilfield Customer

Date: 2022-04-09

XBSY completed the production of the triple connection shale shaker ordered by the customer and shipped it on schedule. Read more >>

XBSY Slurry Treatment Decanter Shipped On Schedule

Date: 2022-03-21

Recently, XBSY shipped four centrifuges for a sludge treatment project, which will greatly improve the treatment effect and capacity of the customer's sludge treatment project. Read more >>

XBSY Oil-Based Cuttings Pretreatment Unit Delivered to a Sinopec Engineering Company on Schedule

Date: 2022-01-08

Recently, XBSY completed the production of a batch of oil-based cuttings pretreatment equipment ordered by a Sinopec engineering company. Read more >>