XBSY Daqing Oilfield Project Decanter Centrifuges Shipped on Schedule

XBSY recently supplied 4 shale shakers and 1 drilling fluid treatment centrifuge to Daqing oilfield.

Recently, XBSY completed a batch of product orders from a regular customer and shipped the products to the customer's project site as scheduled. This shipment of "4+1" (4 shale shakers + 1 centrifuge) once again confirms the customer's trust and recognition of our product quality and contract spirit.

Product Description

LW355 × 1257BP-N VFD: LW355 × 1257BP-N VFD variable frequency decanter adopts inverter control to adjust the rotating speed of bowl and pusher. It is mainly used to remove fine particles (separation particle size 2-5μm) from drilling fluid; LW355 can also be used in barite recovery system, and its barite recovery rate can reach over 90%.

ZS-S Series Shale Shaker: The ZS-S series shale shaker developed by XBSY has two vibration trajectories, which can better adapt to the field conditions and meet the higher requirements of the drilling process.