Product Launch | XBSY New Generation of Shale Shaker

XBSY products are trusted and recognized by customers, and this new product is a new masterpiece of the company's transformation and upgrading through integration and optimization of its resources.

The new product launched is the main product of the XBSY shale shaker series. XBSY always insists on the product concept of "reliable, energy-saving and high-efficiency", and helps customers achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in oilfield drilling projects.

Product Features

  • Adopt 1165 × 585 × 40 standard frame screen, five screen frame design.
  • Single-channel pulsed negative pressure vacuum system - Less screen gluing, and drier rock chips.
  • Patented quick tensioning device - Convenient and reliable screen installation and replacement.
  • Patented double screw mechanical drive lifting mechanism, allowing angle adjustment within the design range.
  • Patented large-capacity mechanical lifting gate mud box, the opening degree is accurately adjustable.
  • Patented external overflow solution for the centralized treatment of high-concentration, low-density solids slurries.
  • All-round anti-splash – Significantly reduces mud splash.
  • Small footprint - Dimensions: L3235 × W1870 × H2495 mm.

The technical engineer who developed the product said: In the oilfield drilling work environment, there must be a need for a hard-working and resilient workmate who can endure hardship. This new product is designed and produced to meet this need.

About XBSY

XBSY has become a well-known company as a provider of oilfield drilling solids control equipment and system solutions through years of efforts. We always follow the market demand, constantly improve product technology and operation quality, and constantly innovate to provide customers with quality products!