XBSY Oil-Based Cuttings Pretreatment Unit Delivered to a Sinopec Engineering Company on Schedule

Recently, XBSY completed the production of a batch of oil-based cuttings pretreatment equipment ordered by a Sinopec engineering company.

This batch of oil-based cuttings pretreatment units shipped to a Sinopec engineering company will be used for solids control of oil and gas drilling fluids, as well as to meet the needs of well teams to collect incoming drill cuttings.

Basic Structure

  • Feed conveying unit + rock cuttings drying processing unit + solid-liquid centrifugal separation unit.
  • The "dryer + first stage centrifuge" processing unit is an integrated skid structure, and the second stage centrifuge unit is an independent skid, and the overall dimensions meet the requirements of road and railroad transportation.

Working Mode

The cuttings are collected through the collection tank and enter the dryer through the transfer pump. In order to avoid accidents, a buffer tank is set up and the material in it enters the dryer through a vacuum pump. The solid phase after drying is bagged in the baler through the winch, and the liquid phase is stored in the buffer tank and then transferred to the first-stage decanter for secondary treatment through the centrifugal pump. After treatment, the solid phase is collected and bagged, and the liquid phase enters the buffer tank, and then the liquid phase is transferred to the second-stage inverter centrifuge through the screw pump for the third-stage treatment. After treatment, the solid phase is packed in bags and the liquid phase enters the storage tank for storage.

System Features

  • Skid-mounted overall design and manufacture, compact structure, reasonable layout, easy operation, easy maintenance, easy installation and replacement of spare parts, the overall has a good advanced and practicality.
  • The system as a whole has sufficient rigidity and stability; and its operation is reliable, electrical explosion-proof, in line with the safety and environmental requirements of the drilling site.
  • All parts are brand-new components, and the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation used are international high-quality and well-known products.
  • The device and design of the whole system are in accordance with the relevant national standards; it meets the requirements of highway and railroad transportation.
  • After the system is processed, the final solid phase liquid content is <40%, and the density of the final treated liquid phase is less than 1.22g/cm3.