XBSY Shipped a Triple Connection Shale Shaker for an Oilfield Customer

XBSY completed the production of the triple connection shale shaker ordered by the customer and shipped it on schedule.

XBSY is a solids control equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, production and sales, and we have considerable experience in developing and manufacturing solids control equipment. Recently, we completed the production of a triple-connection shale shaker for a customer and shipped the product on schedule.


  • Two motion tracks - adapt to different working conditions requirements.
  • High-quality motor - adapt to the harsh environment of outdoor explosion-proof use.
  • Frame screen & adjustable deck angle - easy and reliable to replace, maintenance-free.
  • Patented fast-pressing screen - easy to replace the screen.
  • Anti-loosening thread technology - reliable connections in vibrating environments.
  • All-round anti-splash – significantly reduces mud splash.
  • Heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating - ensures the long-term use of the equipment.
  • Integrated design with double or triple integral base and integral mud box is available.


Model ZS-S-5K
Vibration Track Variable-ellipse
Motor Power 2 × 2.2 kW
Screen Size 1165 × 585 × 40 mm
Screen Number 5
Total Screen Area 3.40 m2
Vibration Amplitude > 5.2 mm
Vibration Intensity > 6.5 g
Tilt Adjustment Range -1° ~ +4°
Power Supply AC 380V/50HZ
Explosion-proof Grade E× d II B T4 Gb
Weight 2200 kg
L × W × H 2997 × 1728 × 1650 mm