XBSY's Shale Shaker for Sinopec was Shipped On Schedule

Recently, a batch of double-track triple shale shakers supplied by XBSY for the Sinopec project was shipped on schedule.

Recently, XBSY provided a batch of triple shale shakers for Sinopec project. The model adopts double track design, and the motion track can be switched at will, which can meet the different needs of users under different working conditions.

Product Features

  • Realize two kinds of motion track, adapt to different working conditions.
  • Famous brand explosion-proof short motor, adapt to the use of outdoor harsh environment.
  • Adopt 1165 × 585 × 40 standard frame screen, easy and reliable to replace.
  • Patented double-screw mechanical synchronous lifting technology, which can realize mechanical self-locking and stopping with the design inclination adjustment range.
  • Patented fast compression screen, more convenient, safe and reliable, short time required to replace the screen.
  • The patented double and triple mud box adopts mechanical lifting gate, with good sealing performance and accurate and adjustable opening and closing degree.
  • Rubber full seal is used between the screen and screen bed to avoid sand leakage and prolong the life of the screen, and the sealing rubber strip adopts buckling structure, which is fast and convenient to replace.
  • Vibrating motor connecting bolts use special thread anti-loosening technology, reliable connection under vibration environment.
  • All-round anti-splash, reducing the splash of mud.
  • Heavy anti-corrosion coating ensures the long-term use of the equipment under mud-flushing conditions.
  • Duplex and triplex sieve types are available, with the integrated design of duplex or triplex integral base and integral mud box.


Model ZS-S-5K
Vibration Track Linear / Translational Elliptical
Motor Power 2.2 kW + 1.94 kW
Screen Size 1165 × 585 × 40 mm
Screen Number 5
Total Screen Area 3.40 m2
Vibration Amplitude > 5.2 mm
Vibration Intensity > 6.5 g
Tilt Adjustment Range -1° ~ +4°
Power Supply AC 380V/50HZ
Explosion-proof Grade E× d II B T4 Gb
Weight 2200 kg
L × W × H 3100 × 1850 × 1630 mm