Shaanxi Project Solid Control Equipment Delivered On Schedule

The solid control products such as the centrifugal pump, jet vacuum degasser, and jet device were delivered to Shaanxi on schedule.

Recently, XBSY completed an order of solid control equipment from Shaanxi. The products delivered in this batch include sand pumps, jet vacuum degassers, jet device and so on. This batch of products will help the customer to achieve efficient removal of harmful gases in drilling operations and minimize equipment maintenance costs, which provides a strong guarantee for the early production of the customer's project.

Product Description

ZSCQ series jet vacuum degasser is a piece of secondary liquid-gas separation equipment for drilling solids control. Its main function is to effectively remove the oil-associated gas and gas in the mud returned from the wellhead, which ensures the proper weight of the mud required for downhole drilling and helps prevent blowout.

Product Features

  • Easy maintenance: Designed with wide access door.
  • High suction efficiency: Water ring type vacuum pump is adopted. Large capacity: High-efficiency jet device is adopted to discharge the slurry.
  • High separation efficiency: Multi-layer folding separator umbrella is adopted, with large separation area and high gas separation efficiency.
  • Automatic control: Stainless steel floating ball is adopted to adjust the vacuum degree automatically.


Model ZSCQ / 240
Capacity (m3/h) 240
Separation Area (cm2) 92041
Vacuum Degree (MPa) 0.03 ~ 0.05
Separation Efficiency (%) ≥ 95
L×W×H (mm) 2653 × 2000 × 2050
Weight (kg) 1900
Mated Centrifugal Pump Flow (m3/h) 200
Mated Centrifugal Pump Head (m) 30 ~ 35
Mated Centrifugal Pump Speed (rpm) 1480
Mated Centrifugal Pump Power (kW) 45 ~ 55
Vacuum Pump Speed (rpm) 1450
Vacuum Pump Power (kW) 5.5