XBSY's Solids Control and Environmental Protection Equipment for COSL Shipped on Schedule

Recently, our company delivered a batch of customized solids control and environmental protection equipment for the COSL Uganda project on schedule, which has the characteristics of large processing capacity and strong practicality.

The equipment was developed by XBSY technical engineers according to the customer's overseas site environment and operational requirements, and will be used in the drilling solids control system and mud station of the COSL Uganda project. The equipment provides a strong guarantee for the customer to achieve fast drilling and improve quality and efficiency.

Mixing Tank

Mixing Tank is designed to be used for mixing water in mixing and cementing operations. The container cabinet is made of carbon steel and the skid frame is of steel structure. When operating, it is equipped with a high-power motor to drive the centrifugal mixing pump to circulate the mixing liquid in the tank, and two other motors to drive two sets of agitators, all power sources are motors, and all motors are explosion-proof.

The actual working volume of the mixing tank must meet 35 m3, and the whole skid needs CCS certification. This equipment is suitable for marine, desert and onshore oilfield operating environments. Also, this equipment can be installed on deck or tugboat in open, wet, exposed, and salt spray environment at sea, and its service life is guaranteed for more than 10 years.

Product Mixing Tank
Effective Volume 35 m3
Working Temperature -20°C - 50°C
Built-in Equipment 2 sets of 4 × 5 × 10 1/2 centrifugal pump; 2 sets of 11 kW agitator
Motor Broadband 380V/50HZ - 460V/60HZ
Electrical Explosion-Proof Rating E× d II B T4 Gb
Electrical Protection Grade IP 56
Tank Material The perimeter of the tank and the partitions of the two chambers are made of 8 mm hot-tied plate marine grade B steel. The tank body is made of 10 mm hot-tied plate marine grade B steel plate.
Size 8300 × 2400 × 3200 mm
Weight ≤ 14T

VFD Intelligent Frequency Conversion High-Speed Centrifuge

The centrifuge is characterized by intelligent control, reliable quality, long service life, stable operation, high automation, large processing capacity, good processing effect, low failure rate and easy operation.

Model LW550 × 1900B
Drive Mode VFD
Inner Diameter of the Bowl (mm) 550
Working Length of the Bowl (mm) 1900
Max. Speed of the Bowl (r/min) 3000
General Speed of the Bowl (r/min) ≤ 2800
Fr. ≤ 2415
Differential Speed of the Carrier (r/min) ≤ 50
Max. Capacity (m3/h) (清水) 70
Power (kW) (Main Motor) 75 kW
Rated Speed (r/min) (Main Motor) 2970 r / min
Power (kW) (Back Motor) 22 kW
Rated Speed (r/min) (Back Motor) 1470 r / min
Feeding Pump Model Screw or Centrifugal Pumps
L × W × H (mm) 4400 × 1470 × 1390
Total Weight (kg) 6400

Cutting Dryer

  • Large capacity, strong anti-clogging ability, integral design, and convenient installation, and handling.
  • Equipped with high hardness scraper and high-strength wear-resistant screen basket to ensure long service life.
  • The spindle speed is regulated by frequency conversion and logic electric control, with strong control adaptability and safety guarantee.
  • One-piece lubrication station design, easier installation and maintenance.
  • Marine anti-corrosion coating and process, adapt to the use of outdoor harsh environments.
Model LL 915B
Inner Diameter of Large End of Screen 915 mm
Half Taper Angle of Screen 30 °
Width of Screen Seam 0.5 (Standard)、 0.35 (Optional)
Max. Fr 424
Main Motor Power 55 kW
Thin Oil Lubrication Station Motor Power 0.55 kW
Wet Cuttings Handling Capacity 30 - 50 T/h
Cutting Type Oil-based
Moisture Content of Dry Cuttings < 5 - 8 W%
Weight 5500 Kg
L × W × H (mm) 2460 × 1910 × 2480