XBSY's New Vacuum Shale Shaker Was Granted 7 Patents after Expert Review

XBSY's latest vacuum shale shaker has passed the evaluation of 7 experts and professors from Southwest Petroleum University and Sichuan University and has been granted 7 patents.

Recently, 7 industry experts and professors from Southwest Petroleum University, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Machinery Research and Design Institute and scientific research institutes evaluated the scientific and technological achievements of our "ZS/FD-5K vacuum shale shaker" project, and the expert group, after reviewing the technical report and attached supporting materials, unanimously agreed that:

  • Through independent innovation, XBSY has successfully developed a vacuum shale shaker containing 7 independent intellectual property rights, including 3 authorized utility model patents, 1 authorized design patent, 1 invention patent and 2 utility model patents, with remarkable technical features, and no literature report of a vacuum shale shaker with the same features as this achievement has been found by domestic and foreign research.
  • The achievement has a larger processing capacity than traditional shale shakers and realizes one-step drilling solids control. It has a simpler structure, low cost of use and low power consumption, which greatly simplifies the solids control system and can meet higher drilling fluid process requirements, and has a high economic and cost performance ratio.
  • The achievement belongs to the field of oil and gas drilling solids control equipment and has been successfully applied in oil and gas drilling projects with good results, obvious economic and social benefits and environmental benefits, and broad application prospects. This achievement is the leading technology in the field of oil and gas drilling solids control equipment in China and has reached the international advanced level.

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