XBSY VFD Frequency Conversion Decanter Shipped to CNPC Western Drilling Project

Recently, XBSY delivered a batch of LW450 × 1000BP-N and LW355 × 1257BP-N drilling fluid treatment centrifuges to CNPC Western Drilling Project on schedule.

XBSY has been established for more than 20 years, and our business covers 50+ countries and regions worldwide. Recently, our company delivered a batch of solid-liquid separation equipment (drilling fluid treatment centrifuge) to the CNPC West Drilling project site.

The solids control equipment produced by XBSY has helped many customers in the oilfield drilling industry to improve their project benefits and meet their needs. At the same time, we have won the recognition and trust of our customers with our quality products!

Product Features

XBSY variable frequency centrifuge is characterized by intelligent control, reliable quality, long service life, stable operation, high degree of automation, large processing capacity, good processing effect, low failure rate, and easy operation.


Model LW450 × 1000BP-N LW355 × 1257BP-N
Drive Mode VFD VFD
Inner Diameter of the Bowl (mm) 450 355
Working Length of the Bowl (mm) 1000 1257
Max. Speed of the Bowl (r/min) 2500 4000
General Speed of the Bowl (r/min) ≤ 2200 ≤ 3200
Fr. ≤ 1219 ≤ 2035
Differential Speed of the Carrier (r/min) ≤ 45 ≤ 50
Max. Capacity (m3/h) (Clear Water) 60 40
Power (kW) (Main Motor) 37 kW 30 kW
Rated Speed (r/min) (Main Motor) 1480 r / min 1470 r / min
Power (kW) (Back Motor) 7.5 kW 7.5 kW
Rated Speed (r/min) (Back Motor) 970 r / min 970 r / min
Feeding Pump Model Screw or Centrifugal Pumps Screw or Centrifugal Pumps
L × W × H (mm) 2750 × 1580 × 1780 2960 × 1476 × 1720
Weight (kg) 4000 3800