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Why Choose XBSY ?

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With more than 20 years of solids control equipment research and development and manufacturing experience, equipment is widely used in oil(water) based drilling mud treatment, tailing management, slurry separation and drilling waste management and many other fields.

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Quality Assurance

Whether it is product quality or after-sales service, we have won five-star reviews from customers. XBSY solid control equipment is stable and durable. Among the nearly 10,000 devices sold worldwide, many have been operating stably for more than ten years.

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As a leading equipment R&D and supplier in the industry, we continue to develop new processes and new products to provide customers with better and more economical equipment. The number of patents we have on our devices is at the top of the industry.

Customer Cases

  • shale shaker project case
  • vfd decanter application case
  • vfd decanter application case
  • mud cooling system
  • mining shaker application case
  • drillimg fluid system
  • water-based drilling mud treatment
  • water-based drilling mud treatment