Drilling Circulation System

XBSY drilling circulation system, incorporating both mud circulation system and drilling fluid circulation system technologies, offers advantages of safety, reliability, advanced convenience, and economy. The circulation system is widely used in non-excavation engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, hydropower, and other industries.

Drilling circulation system
  • Modular Design - Can meet the requirements of different models and configurations of drilling and workover rigs such as ZJ90, ZJ70, ZJ50, ZJ30, ZJ20, XJ, etc.
  • Advanced Mud Treatment Equipment - Adapted to various modern mud treatment requirements.
  • Customization - Mud circulation systems can be customized for different regions, different environments and different user requirements.
  • Reliable performance and long service life for different mud properties.
  • Fully enclosed explosion-proof circuit, easy to install and to operate.

Customer Cases

XBSY products have been approved by all drilling companies and major rig manufacturers under the three major domestic oil groups, and have been exported directly to more than 50 countries and regions in Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States with the drilling rigs, and have been well received by customers.

Why Choose XBSY?

XBSY is a leading company of drilling solids control equipment in terms of scale and variety. As a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment systems, XBSY has participated in drafting Chinese SY5612-2007 and SY5612-2018 specifications for oil drilling solids control equipment.

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