XBSY Drilling Fluid Circulation System

XBSY solid control circulation system is characterized by safety, reliability, advancement, convenience, and economy. The circulation system is also widely used in trenchless engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and other industries.

  • drilling fluid circulation system

Product Advantages and Features

  1. The modular rapid combination design can meet the requirements of different types and specifications of drilling rigs and workover rigs including ZJ90, ZJ70, ZJ50, ZJ30, ZJ20, and XJ, plus scientific and reasonable process.
  2. The advanced combination of mud treatment equipment is applicable to the mud treatment requirements of modern complex drilling techniques.
  3. The mud circulation system may be custom-designed and configured by region, environment and user requirements.
  4. The system function flow and accessories are reliable, with long life, able to meet different mud properties.
  5. The full set of circuit employs the closed explosion-proof circuit, with easy installation and convenient operation.