XBSY ZHP Series Direct-injection Mixing Hopper

XBSY ZHP Mixing Hopper, is a kind of direct injected mixing hopper is a direct injected mixer of additive material of drilling fluid. It is mainly used to mix drilling fluid and additives quickly to improve drilling fluid’s performance. It also can have shearing and hydration system with shear pump, We have two models with metric and British system.

  • mixing hopper
  • mixing hopper

Product Advantages and Features

  1. Rapid feeding With high speed jet nozzle, and strong suction.
  2. Strong mixing capacity Venturi tube is employed in the outlet section.
  3. Easy operation Standard butterfly valves are used at the material inlet.

XBSY Mixing Hopper Technical Parameters

Model Inlet flow (m3 /h) Inlet lift (m) Hopper diameter (mm) Inlet diameter Outlet diameter Power of mixing pump (kW) Weight (kg) Overall dimension L×W×H (mm)
ZHP 150 × 180 ≥ 31 m 708 150 150 45 190 1292 × 708 × 922