Drilling Cuttings Management System

XBSY multifunctional drill cuttings management system is equipment used for waste treatment during oilfield drilling processes. It efficiently separates, filters, and processes waste and drill cuttings generated during drilling, ensuring both environmental protection and enhanced operational efficiency.

Drilling cuttings management system
  • Equipped with a novel dual-drive centrifuge, the system leverages its unique design to achieve the separation of water-based and oil-based drill cuttings.
  • The system is equipped with intelligent frequency conversion high-speed centrifuge, which can effectively separate the harmful solid phase in the liquid phase and achieve liquid phase reuse.
  • High level of automation, with minimal manual labor required.
  • The system has a small footprint and is multi-purpose, reducing transit costs.
  • Multifunctional Cuttings Dryer + High-speed Centrifugal Separation Process.
  • Treatment: Water-based/Oil-based Drill Cuttings for On-the-fly/On-site Processing.
  • Water-based drill cuttings: Direct bagging (5 - 20% liquid content), liquid phase density below 1.2g/cm3.
  • Oil-based drill cuttings: direct bagging (5 - 10% oil content) to reduce the liquid phase density to below 1.3g/cm3.
Products LL915S Dual-drive Cuttings Dryer
Drive Type Dual Frequency Conversion
Screen Basket Speed (r/min) 910
Screen Basket Half Cone Angle (°) 424
Screen Basket Large End Inner Diameter (mm) 915
Screw Differential Speed (r/min) 13
Screen Aperture (mm) 0.3、0.4、0.5
Motor Power (kW) 45+15
Lubrication Motor Power (kW) 0.55
Capacity (t/h) 30 ~ 50
Oil Content (%) 3 ~ 8
Dimensions (mm) 3041 × 2150 × 2426
Products LW450 × 1670 Intelligent Variable Frequency Centrifuge
Drive Type VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) / Intelligent
Drum Inner Diameter (mm) 450
Drum Working Length (mm) 1670
L / D 3.71
Maximum Drum Speed (r/min) 3400
Drum Operating Speed (r/min) ≤3200
G Force ≤2580
Differential Speed (r/min) ≤50
Maximum Capacity (m3/h) 60
Main Motor Power (kW) 45
Auxiliary Motor Power (kW) 18.5
Dimensions (mm) 3990 × 1735 × 2247

Customer Cases

XBSY products have been approved by all drilling companies and major rig manufacturers under the three major domestic oil groups, and have been exported directly to more than 50 countries and regions in Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States with the drilling rigs, and have been well received by customers.

Why Choose XBSY?

XBSY is a leading company of drilling solids control equipment in terms of scale and variety. As a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment systems, XBSY has participated in drafting Chinese SY5612-2007 and SY5612-2018 specifications for oil drilling solids control equipment.

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