XBSY Shale Shaker Series

XBSY Solid control shale shaker is used to separate solids from drilling fluids in the oilfield, the basket is equipped with specifically sized shaker screen. Shakers are regarded as the most significant device to remove drilled solids. These get rid of the vast majority of drilled solids created throughout the process of drilling. They commonly produce 5-8 G-forces to separate solids from the drilling mud.

  • double track shale shaker
  • double track shale shaker
  • double track shale shaker

Product Advantages and Features

  1. Short shaft motor of famous brand, suitable for outdoor explosion-proof severe environment.
  2. Frame screen, convenient and reliable for replacement.
  3. Mechanical ratchet mechanism inclination adjustment, maintenance free.
  4. Fast-compression screen (patented technology), easy and fast to replace.
  5. Special thread locking technology is used for connecting bolts of vibration motor to ensure reliable connection under vibration.
  6. All-around splash proof, reducing the splash of mud to a negligible extent.
  7. Heavy anti-corrosion coating, ensuring the long-term use of the equipment under the condition of mud scouring.
  8. Double and triple screens are available, with the integrated design of double or triple integral base and mud box.

XBSY Double-Track Shale Shaker Technical Parameters

The double-track shale shaker has two groups of excitation sources, realizing switching between the balanced elliptical and variable elliptical track (ZS-S Series) and the linear and balanced elliptical track (ZS-Z/PT Series). With the advantages of these two tracks, it can better adapt to the site condition and meet the higher requirements for the drilling technology. The double-track shale shakers of these two series have four-mesh and five-mesh arrangement, so as to meet different demands of customers. Double, triple and quadruple screens are available. The integrated design of double, triple or quadruple integral base and mud box is adopted.

Model ZS-Z / PT ZS-Z / PT-5K ZS-S ZS-S-5K
Vibration track Linear / balanced ellipse Balanced ellipse / variable ellipse
Motor power 2 × 1.94 kW + 0.75 kW 2 × 2.2 kW + 1.2 kW 2 × 1.94 kW 2 × 2.2 kW
Screen specification 1165 × 585 × 40 mm
Quantity of screens 4 5 4 5
Total area of screen 2.72 m2 3.40 m2 2.72 m2 3.40 m2
Vibration amplitude > 5.2 mm
Vibration intensity > 6.5 g
Inclination adjustment range -1° ~ +4°
Power supply AC 380V/50HZ
Explosion-proof grade E× d II B T4 Gb
Weight 2100 kg 2260 kg 2050 kg 2200 kg
Outline dimension 2982 × 1728 × 1516 mm 2997 × 1728 × 1650 mm 2982 × 1728 × 1516 mm 2997 × 1728 × 1650 mm

Customer Cases

  • shale shaker cases
  • shale shaker cases
  • shale shaker cases
  • shale shaker cases
  • shale shaker cases