XBSY ZLCQ Vertical Degasser

XBSY ZLCQ/240 degasser uses centrifugal force of high G-force to generate strong buoyancy. The increase of the buoyancy makes bubbles in mud float up to the surface of mud faster to achieve mud-gas separation. In addition, various devices are used to discharge mud and waste gas.

  • vertical degasser
  • vertical degasser
  • vertical degasser

Product Advantages and Features

  1. Space saving Degassing and mud discharge are achieved by an integrated vertical structure, which is directly inserted in mud for degassing.
  2. High degassing efficiency The unique design for the vacuum pump impeller and separation structure is adopted.
  3. Large treatment capacity The pump impeller is used to discharge mud.
  4. Low energy consumption The low-power machine is used.

XBSY Vertical Degasser Technical Parameters

Model ZLCQ / 240
Treatment capacity (m 3 /h) 240
Volume of gas removed (m<3/sup> /h) 35
Degassing efficiency (%) ≥ 85
Motor power (kW) 18.5
Motor speed (rpm) 1450
Diameter of mud outlet (mm) 150
Length under water (m) 1.5
Outline dimension: L×W×H (mm) 1282 × 1000 × 3090
Weight (kg) 1580