XBSY Shale Shaker Screens

As the original manufacturer of shale shaker screens, XBSY / West Petro has designed and produced 4 main types shaker screens with about 10 models in different sizes. The 4 Main shaker screens are Polyurethane Screen, Flat-plate Crochet Screen, KS Steel Frame Screen and GS/B Crochet Wave Screen.

Among these four different shale shaker screens, there are different models and sizes for different projects and for different shale shakers. For example, polyurethane screen is the one specially designed for mining shaker (high frequency vibrating screens). You can find more details information about different XBSY shaker screens with the following products description, or contact XBSY directly by email: sale@westernpetro.net or go to Contact Us Page for more information.

GS/P Flat-plate Crochet Screen

KS Steel Frame Screen

XBSY GS/B Crochet Wave Screen

XBSY Polyurethane Screen