Decanter centrifuge is a spiral discharge centrifuge. Mainly by the high-speed drum and drum turn the same speed and slightly lower than the drum with a hollow shaft of the screw conveyor and differential components and other components.

When the suspension is to be separated by the hollow shaft into the drum, the high-speed rotation under the action of the centrifugal force was immediately thrown into the drum cavity. High-speed rotation of the drum to produce a strong centrifugal force than the liquid density of solid particles scattered on the inner wall of the drum to form a solid layer (because the ring, known as the solid ring); moisture due to small density, small centrifugal force, So only in the solid ring layer inside the formation of liquid layer, known as the liquid ring layer.

Due to the different rotational speed of the helix and the drum, there is relative movement (i.e., the speed difference), the relative movement of the helix and the drum is used to slowly push the sludge of the solid ring layer to the tapered end of the drum and pass through the drying zone , The liquid discharged from the circumference of the drum is continuously discharged; the liquid of the liquid ring layer is discharged from the weir by the continuous / overflow \ row to the outside of the drum to form the separation liquid.


The above content is about the decanter centrifuge’s working principle, which is suitable for almost all of the decanters, at least, it’s the basic decanter centrifuge working principle. As the original manufacturer of decanter centrifuges, WestPetro (XBSY Brand) has developed and manufactured main four different types decanters for different oil & gas drilling fields, they are RFD decanter centrifuge with different models, VFD decanter centrifuge with mutual types, HBLW 3 phase centrifuge, which is also named as three phase decanter, you could also find several types and models of our HBLW 3 phase decanter; the last one is the Hydraulic decanter centrifuge, which is popular used in offshore drilling platform.

The whole decanters we mentioned above, besides there are different decanter models for you to choose, we could also provide the customize service for your target projects, which depends on WestPetro’s technical and design team.

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