Water & Sludge & Food Waste Centrifuge

For water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, high-performance water treatment dedicated decanter centrifuge is an ideal equipment, It highly adapts to the sludge features, but also has a greater process capacity to handle at low concentrations (SS 0.5 %) case without thickener/concentrator to meet the process aim of concentration and dewatering.

XBSY (West-Petro) centrifuges are designed & developed and manufactured by its own factory, mostly used in waste-water or waste sludge treatment and separation. Its main body uses SS304 or SS321 materials, high standard production process, high technology support with high capacity, easy maintenance, is welcome by the users at home and abroad.

Applications in Waste-Water and Kitchen & Food Waste Fields

We have waste water centrifuge, sewage water centrifuge, sand water separation centrifuge, industrial waste water centrifuge, cooling waste water centrifuge, cooling water centrifuge, truck washing waste water centrifuge, sewage treatment centrifuge, kitchen waste treatment centrifuge, animal fat centrifuge, bio-diesel centrifuge, glycerin process centrifuge, fish oil centrifuge, food waste centrifuge, cook waste centrifuge, cooking oil centrifuge.

We designed 2 or 3 phase, RFD, VFD, FHD types of centrifuges used for dewatering, for waste water, for Kitchen waste treatment and separation, food waste treatment, animal fat separation, for bio-diesel process, bio-diesel separation, bio-diesel water separation, glycerin process, fish oil recovery, fish oil separation, cooking oil separation.

10″ Waste Water & Sludge Centrifuge

14″ Waste Water & Sludge Centrifuge

18″ Waste Water & Sludge Centrifuge

20″ Waste Water & Sludge Centrifuge

What Can We Do for You?

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Why Is XBSY Your Choice?

Our advantages in beverage-food centrifuges are the reasons why we are the best for you


Reliable service life ensured by 20+ years manufacturing experiences


Widespread service points for annual sales of 200+ sets


High rotation speed provides ideal separation performance


Compact design and easy to install


Robust for extreme working environment


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