The three-phase centrifuge is a mechanical device that uses centrifugal forces to separate solids and liquids, liquids, and liquids. We also called this equipment as Tricanter, Tricanter Centrifuge and 3 phase decanter. It is an important product line in WestPetro’s decanter centrifuges series.

What’re the 3 Phase Decanter’s Working Principles?

3-phase decanter’s working principle is that when two liquid phase and a solid phase are both going into the centrifuge, it relies on the centrifugal force field to expand thousands of times, the solid phase in the centrifugal force under the effect of settlement, two liquid phase is also appeared stratification. In order to achieve solid – liquid – liquid – three – phase separation, and in the role of special institutions were discharged under the body. The entire feed and separation process is continuous, closed, automatic completion.

3 phase decanter centrifuge is mainly constructed by drum, spiral, differential, rack, casing, motor and other components. Drum with double vertebral design, the drum wall designed specifically for the longitudinal groove, used to improve the efficiency of spiral transmission solid phase. The working surface of the spiral blade has a protective layer of cemented carbide, which effectively improves the wear life of the spiral blade. The main motor is controlled by the main inverted, the auxiliary motor is controlled by the sub-inverted, the frequency of the motor can be adjusted arbitrarily. The power supply of the sub-converter is provided by the main inverted, called DC bus power supply, DC bus power supply to achieve the vice motor is the generator working state of the energy feedback, can effectively save energy.

When the material to be separated is conveyed from the feed pump (such as screw pump, conveyor, or even some sand pumps, they all could be as feed pumps, especially for screw pumps) into the centrifuge drum, the high-speed rotating drum produces a strong centrifugal force to settle the solid-phase particles larger than the liquid-phase density to the inner wall of the drum, since the rotational speed of the screw and the drum is different , There is a relative movement (i.e, speed difference, adjustable), the density of solid (slag) settling on the drum wall. Two different density of different liquid formation concentric cylinder, the lighter liquid phase in the inner layer, the heavier liquid phase in the outer layer. The thickness of the different liquid rings can be adjusted by adjusting the liquid level (i.e, the water content in the oil or the oil content in the water is adjustable). The slag deposited on the drum wall is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the cone end of the drum, The material is discharged into the solid material tank, and the water and oil are discharged from the respective outlet respectively. The oil, water and slag separation process are automatic feeding and automatic discharge.

This kind XBSY 3 phase decanter is mainly used for oil field aging oil, waste oil recovery, food waste grease fields. With the help of 3 phase centrifuge (tricanter centrifuge), we could handle with more and more waste oil recovery work in different fields.

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