OBM, it is the short from Oil Based Mud Solids, it is the popular medium in oil drilling fields. In the international business development, we met some partners asked such a question: which is the right centrifugal pump for OBM? Is it centrifugal sand pump? Is it centrifugal shear pump? Is it centrifugal screw pump or some other equipment, such as 3 phase decanter centrifuge, or the famous item – vertical cutting dryer series for oil drilling wastes fields?

They are right, but not enough. In this post, we want to let you the right or reasonable centrifugal pump for oil based mud solids is the single screw pump series.

What’s the single screw pump? Single screw pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, in this product line, we could provide twin stage screw pump and three stage screw pump for meeting your different demands. For oil based mud solids, it is thick and could not be cleaned easily. Therefore, the special centrifugal pump should be used firstly. Generally speaking, in whole oil based mud fields, single screw pump is the best and reasonable equipment to be used in dealing with OBM. One more thing, single screw pump is always used in drilling waste management and solid control system, which are necessary systems in oil drilling fields.

For WestPetro (XBSY), as the professional manufacturer of solid control equipment, we could provide more than we mentioned above, such as horizontal vacuum degasser, linear motion shale shaker with main KS steel shaker screen, which is the main part for shaker screen series; one more thing, we improved our high frequency vibrating screens in 2015, its main spare part – polyurethane screen, could provide you as long as over 6 months working time. WestPetro (XBSY) expect to cooperate with you in near future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interesting or comments about the single screw pump and related equipment, your any inquiry will be highly appreciated.


WestPetro (XBSY), the solid control equipment manufacturer, decanter centrifuges design and produce factory. Besides tricanter centrifuge, there are horionable decanters ( VFD decanter centrifuge, RFD decanter centrifuge ), Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge, DISC Centrifuge; Not only the whole decanters and spare parts could be provided, the customize service could also be provided based on your special requirement. Please feel free to form out the following table and let us know your special requirement.